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Bathroom Remodeling for Functional, Stylish Updates Customized for You

A bathroom remodel involves a checklist of considerations that are specific to the functionality, comfort, privacy, safety, and personal nature of this special room. First, how do you use the bathroom? Are you an in-and-out shower taker, or do you like to luxuriate in the bath? What are your family members’ habits?

When Empire Home Remodeling’s experts work with you to plan your ideal bathroom environment, we start by listening to your usage requirements. Next, because bathrooms have construction and functionality issues that differ from any other room in your house, we’ll also discuss moisture and humidity concerns, safety precautions, water efficiency, and storage considerations. Of course, aesthetics, design and layout, lighting, comfort, and your individual “wish list” are factored in as well.   

In planning bathroom modifications, whether you envision a spa-like sanctuary or a cozy, efficient space, we have vast experience in all aspects:

  • Complete bathroom remodels
  • Bath and shower renovation
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Custom lighting, windows, and skylights
  • Shelving and cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom expansion

Complex bathroom renovations demand the proficiency of an experienced contractor that specializes in baths. Empire’s bathroom experts guarantee quality craftsmanship in bathroom remodels, bringing to your project our reputation for attention to detail and personal service.

Located in Woodinville, Washington, Empire Home Remodeling works throughout the Northwest to create enduring, functional, and delightful bathroom remodels uniquely suited to each homeowner’s requirements and tastes.